Cuenca photo gallery

Hills and fields along drive from Quito to Cuenca
Tomebamba river near our apartment with tall eucalyptus trees and uneven green spaces trimmed with weedwackers
Escalinata wide, long, and steep stone staircase, leads up the Barranco (steep bank) from Tomebamba river to center of old city
Beautiful facades, doors and narrow balconies in old town
Beautiful facades, doors and narrow balconies in old town, many with tiled portals to inner atriums
Wide mix of graffiti themes
Tomebamba river and path in early morning
Tomebamba river and path with morning outdoor Zumba class in distance
More beautiful facades, doors and narrow balconies in old town
Cajas National Park about an hour outside Cuenca with hikes about 13,500 ft (over 2.5 miles high)
Cajas National Park has unique ecosystem
Art reflecting history of Aztec civilization before Spanish and Christian cultures were introduced
Creative art exhibit about alternate history in which Aztecs conquered the Spaniards. BBC new story in Spanish (can use translator):
New Year’s effigies are burned throughout the city to get rid of the old year and welcome in the new year
360 degree view from our apartment window of the surrounding mountains
Typical colonial architecture
World’s largest paella dish at the international food festival
Free zumba classes offered by the City of Cuenca every morning